Easy! It’s not about finding a new supplier, our economies of scale, sustainability and product quality make us the best value printer. Most often price control is about reigning in design choices.

1. Reduce the number of applications or prints. Lose that sleeve print, back print and neck print, and stick with the traditional chest print area: From almost a million t-shirts printed, we’ve never seen a simple front print design outperformed by a tee with loads of applications on the front, back, sleeve etc. Yet they can be double or triple the cost! Keep it simple.
2. Reduce the number of colours. Screen printing works by setting up and putting down each block colour, one after the other. This means that if you have 8 colours in a really busy design, you’ll find the setup cost proportionally higher with the increased complexity of the job. Simple, one colour designs that contrast well with the garment are super popular in our experience, and the price is lower.
3. Increase the volume. Much of the cost of the printing is in the setup and quality checks before printing. So increasing the order size by 10% will not increase the order price by 10%. Although re-orders are easy at Symbolic factory, it’s much more cost effective to order more now, than top up later.

We can screen print onto the front and back, sleeves and almost on every part of the t-shirt but we don’t have the facility to print all over garments or using sublimation and it’s not something we will do in the future. It requires a special t-shirt (polyester, which is basically plastic) and a sublimation paper larger than the shirt for each t-shirt. This means lots of waste bits of paper and a t-shirt itself that does not meet our standards of quality or material provenance. It’s just not something we want to do.
Our maximum print area for screen printing is 42cm by 59cm (A2).

  • Screen printing runs start at 50 garments with the same design. This is due to the complicated set up process, which becomes economical in larger quantities. This minimum only applies to the print, you can mix and match garments and sizes for no extra, as long as the print is the same.
  • We have MOQ for our in-house sewn sweatshirts and hoodies of just 25pcs per color, mixed sizes.

Firstly it’s best to scale your artwork in your document setup, and provide us with dimension and placement information (i.e. 20cm x 20cm, 8cm down from the neck seam). Please understand that despite some high-tech equipment and processes in our factory, screen printing is still a skilled, artisanal manufacturing process. Manually putting the t-shirts on the platens means millimeters of variance in print application: Each shirt is truly unique and hand crafted, from the cotton reels, cutting presses and sewing benches.
To match colour, we use the Pantone colour book, Pantone cross-referencing software and ink reference guides. Please note, if you use your monitor to get a Pantone, it may not match your printed product due to variance in monitor colour displays. It is best to use a known Pantone, or a Pantone book under a calibrated daylight bulb for exact match.

We offer a wide range of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and accessories for both men & women. We’ve also got a wide range of colours available in kids t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts too.
Just get in touch with us for further details.

Not unless you are having the same design on children and adults. Please note, the same design will be applied on the Small size garment as the XXL garment.
At first glance, the print will appear “bigger” on the small person, and “smaller” on the large person. Despite this, experienced printers know that larger people tend to grow ‘out’ as well as wider so in actual fact, the prints look the same and natural when worn.
For this reason it is standard practise in the industry to scale a print to a “medium” size t-shirt, and print this design on all sizes in your print run.

For bulk screen printing we advise leaving 2 weeks for your order to be processed, printed and shipped – including artwork proofs. We can turn around shirts in a much shorter time although rush service charges may apply. If you are ordering for an event or have a hard deadline, please let us know.

The best thing to do is to communicate exactly how you want your garments and design to look, include as much information as possible such as dimensions, placement distances, pantones and we’ll follow that guideline.

Yes, sure! We have pre-printed samples in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.
If you require a sample with your custom logo, please get in touch to receive your price.

We primarily print using phthalate-free inks that meet the Soil Association / GOTS standard.

Shipping to most of Europe Union member contries is flat rate €40 per box, which holds approximately 170 t-shirts. We can ship almost anywhere in the world. Our dispatch team inspects your garments for quality, prepares the garments to individually bagged and tagged garments.
If you have specialist dispatch requirements please let us know so that we can calculate the pricing for your consideration.
We can also ship overnight via express shipping couriers if you are in a great hurry. So don’t hesitate to order as you are doing so locally.

To screen print a shirt, we cut a negative from a silk screen for each colour. We then use the silk screen to print one colour at a time. For best results, faster service and potentially lower cost please supply artwork in any Photoshop compatible format in the best file quality.